Get in the Grove and Get the Words Flowing

I have never been struck by serious writer’s block (touch wood!) but we all struggle to get going sometimes. When I need help getting going, I like to listen to some music as I write. I know some people just can’t concentrate on their writing if they listen music, so if you are one of those, this is not going to work for you.

The key is not to listen to just any music, but to some music that will help you get into the mood of your story. It has to be something you enjoy, but not something so distracting that you forget to write because you are too busy grooving!

The right music will depend on what you are writing (or, at any rate, hope to write). If I’m writing my medieval mystery series, I might listen to some medieval music. I think it can be very helpful, when writing a historical, to listen to some music from the time you are writing about. So if you are writing a regency romance, you could listen to some music that would have been played at balls or sung in drawing rooms. If your story is set in 16th century Japan, then find some music from there and have a listen.

In addition to getting you in the right mood, I find that listening to music also can help get the words flowing faster. The music keeps me from over-thinking things too much, and adds to the enjoyment of writing, which always helps you put more time in.

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